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How Noisy Are Modern A/C units?

The noise level of modern air conditioning units in the UK can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the type of unit, its size, and the location where it is installed.

Some modern air conditioning units are designed to operate quietly, with noise levels typically around 19-20 decibels (dBa) at low speed. This is about the same level of noise as a whisper or a quiet library. Many units now will have a ‘silent’ operation, designed for those who desire a quiet background

Many outdoor units are rated at circa 50dBa which is quite modest - fridges can run at circa 40dBa. Modern units use inverter technology inside the compressors and this quietens the compressor noise considerably. Fan speed noise is also significantly reduced by modern units using digital or EC fan motors and high-tech fan blades which cut the air more efficiently; fan design has improved dramatically in recent years.

However, if the air conditioning unit is not installed properly or is too small for the space it is intended to cool, it may have to work harder to achieve the desired temperature, resulting in increased noise levels. Additionally, older or poorly maintained air conditioning units may also be noisier than newer models, especially the fans on indoor units which are susceptible to dirt/debris build-up

It's also worth noting that noise tolerance can vary greatly among individuals, so what one person finds noisy may not be a problem for another. If you're concerned about noise levels, it's a good idea to ask us or your preferred manufacturer for information on the noise level of the specific unit you're considering, and to seek professional advice on the best installation and maintenance practices to minimise noise.

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