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Does my Air Conditioning system need a 'top up' of gas?

Air conditioning systems use a refrigerant gas to cool the air. This gas continually circulates around your a/c system and it shouldn't need to be replaced, or 'topped up'.

Over time, however, it's possible for the refrigerant levels within your system to drop due to leaks on your system, and, in this instance, your system will need more refrigerant to be added to it. However, under normal circumstances, you shouldn't need to add refrigerant to your AC unit regularly, or indeed as a matter of course.

If your AC unit is losing refrigerant, it's important to address the underlying issue – typically a leak – rather than just adding more refrigerant. Adding refrigerant without fixing the leak will result in an ongoing problem and can damage the environment due to the harmful nature of some refrigerants. In fact, it's against the law - specifically the F Gas Regulations - to simply add refrigerant to a system without first identifying and repairing the leak.

You may have heard of GWP or ODP before? Well, they stand for Global Warming Potential and Ozone Depletion Potential. All refrigerants, depending on their composition, will have a GWP and an ODP rating and as much as a/c is a lovely comfort for most of us, it is really important we bear in mind the destructive potential which refrigerant loss has on our environment. This is why we have to ensure, through following good maintenance practices and adhering to the F gas Regulations, that we minimise refrigerant loss from a/c systems!

If you suspect your AC unit is losing refrigerant, it's best to contact us as soon as possible. We can diagnose the issue, repair any leaks, and ensure your AC system is working efficiently and safely.

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