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Our company name is Quantech Environmental for good reason, and we specialise in the design, installation, service and repair of energy efficient air conditioning systems.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

As well as our concern to ensure that our customers have the right internal environment, we are acutely aware of our responsibilities with regard to the global environment.

In 2009 buildings accounted for about 43% of all the UK’s carbon emissions

January 2013, Department of Energy and Climate Change

The UK has signed up to legally binding carbon reduction targets which aim to cut emissions in the UK by at least 80% by 2050.  Businesses are being actively encouraged to invest in low carbon energy saving equipment.

We have adopted a Company Environmental Policy which is regularly renewed and updated to ensure that we are doing all that we can to safeguard the environment, not just when we design, install and maintain air conditioning systems, but in every aspect of our business.

We would be more than pleased to provide you with a copy of our current Policy on request.

Reduce Your Business Running Costs With Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

A recent study by Mitsubishi Electric highlighted substantial running cost savings of up to 65%* that are available to end users when replacing existing systems with newer energy efficient air conditioning – meaning you can be kinder to the environment whilst saving money at the same time!

Time to replace all aircon systems using R22Bearing in mind that government legislation outlaws the service and maintenance of air conditioning systems using the environmentally-harmful R22 refrigerant gas as and from 1st January 2015, and that some 750,000** systems are likely affected within the UK alone, the case to replace becomes an increasingly stronger one.

So, if you are serious about saving money for your business and reducing your carbon footprint whilst you do so, or simply want to know whether you are affected by the R22 ban, why not get in touch with us today and see exactly how we can help you?


Naturally our engineers are all trained and certified on the safe handling of the refrigerants used in air conditioning systems and we hold a Full F Gas Company Certificate required by law since July 2011. 

The handling and disposal of refrigerant gases used in air conditioning systems is also subject to legal restrictions requiring registration – as we have done – and certification through the Environment Agency.

Our Engineers Are Refcom and Safecontractor Certified

We have achieved Safecontractor accreditation for a number of years, thus demonstrating our commitment to ensuring compliance with current health and safety legislation.

* Running cost comparing new 7kW Power Inverter Mr Slim cassette with equivalent 12-year-old system. Source Mitsubishi Electric’s Audit Tool.
** Estimated figure from Mitsubishi Electric Jan 2013

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