Quantech have always been at the forefront of design and build when it comes to installing the latest market leading energy efficient solutions for their clients. They recently completed the installation of water cooled computer room air conditioning units incorporating “Free Cooling” as part of solutions for the NHS Trust.

The existing comfort cooling split systems were not designed for this type of application where high sensible heat ratios are involved. The Trust were looking to centralise their record keeping systems and increase capacity so an energy efficient solution that could demonstrate a significant payback on running costs secured funding for the project to go ahead.

Cooling coils within the indoor units are arranged on a split type basis having a single indoor air conditioning unit matched to a single outdoor unit for maximum redundancy.

The indoor unit houses the refrigeration circuit, complete with a water cooled condenser. A chilled water circuit is installed from the indoor unit to an outdoor dry air cooler. It is a sealed system with an expansion vessel thus avoiding any water usage or treatment risks that can be associated with open or evaporative cooling systems.

The best feature of this system is the internal arrangement of the “Free Cooling” coil allowing the circulated condensing water to be diverted through a separate cooling coil within the indoor unit achieving partial to full “Free Cooling” extending the window when this can be used.

The installed units were configured for Downflow sitting on a plenum box with front facing double deflection grille. The return air connect was ducted at high level over the Hot Aisles to promote excellent airflow within the Comm’s Room and reducing possible short circuiting.

Quantech always strive to offer their clients the best possible advice, from choice of equipment to designing energy efficient solutions that are also cost effective to install. Culminating in the delivery of a quality installation; complete with first class after sales service that ensures numerous recommendations and repeat business.

Individual Dry Air Coolers with dual set points to drive the chilled water temperature down and maximise the “Free Cooling” capacity for much longer periods during the year.

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