Olympus looked to Quantech to design and build an energy efficient solution.

With increasing employment levels and an aging fresh air ventilation system, local company Olympus looked to Quantech to design and build an energy efficient solution.

The existing system comprised separate fresh air and extract air handling units, with LPHW heating on the fresh air supply unit. It formed a balanced system, however the extracted office air was 100% rejected to atmosphere.

Quantech specified a Heat Recovery air handling unit incorporating an indirect, cross flow heat exchanger. The extracted office air would pass through the heat exchanger and either pre heat or cool the incoming fresh air.

ecovent heat recoveryecovent EAX unit

    • The Ecovent NRG unit contains a cross flow plate heat exchanger which has no cross contamination of moisture, smells or fumes. The two air streams are kept separate which makes it the ideal choice for fresh air applications
    • The Ecovent NRG unit has an EU4 grade filter to both inlets and a drain pan to the exhaust side of the heat exchanger.
    • The control panel is designed to maximise heat recovery, and be easy to use once installed. Built-in controls mean the unit is fully prewired and tested before despatch.

Quantech installed a remote touch screen controller to allow for adjustment and monitoring of temperature and time clock. This gives the customer adequate control over their environment.

The air temperature is constantly monitored using sensors which check the fresh air intake, supply air duct and extract or room temperature. From this the face and bypass damper on the plate heat exchanger is automatically adjusted for heat recovery, free cooling and cooling recovery.

The controls were also integrated into the site Trend BMS system which gives the unit an enable signal, run and fault status of the supply and extract fans and common fault signal for monitoring.

The entire existing ductwork system was removed from all the ceiling voids and risers, increased in size and new ductwork installed in a busy Finance department that was constantly occupied. All work was done out of normal working hours with no disruption to the client’s business operation.

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