1. This year, the UK experienced its warmest, driest and sunniest summer since 2006, the latest Met Office figures show. What will next year bring?

  2. Air conditioning can help productivity by avoiding extremes of temperature. Research shows that room temperature affects work performance. For example, one report suggests that, at 25°C we are about 98% productive; at 28°C, the percentage drops to 95%. In another survey of UK office workers, the Building Research Establishment (BRE) found that:

    … 55% said that they are working in unsatisfactory temperatures

    March 2010, Building Research Establishment (BRE)
  3. A/C will also avoid extremes of humidity, preventing that sticky, sweaty feeling in summer and, where appropriate, excessive drying out of the air that can cause problems for computers and other sensitive equipment.

  4. An air conditioning unit can have both cooling and heating functions. Many buildings throughout the UK operate with reverse cycle heat pumps providing a conditioned environment throughout the seasons. Current heat pump technology, where up to 3kW of heating can be provided for every kW of energy absorbed, leads to major cost savings compared to traditional fossil fuel systems.

  5. The impending ban on using R22 refrigerant gas at the end of 2014 – just a year away – is an issue which all businesses with such air conditioning systems will have to address. Earlier this year, one major air conditioning manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric, estimated that there are over 750,000 R22 systems still in operation in the UK.

  6. Today’s air conditioning units feature effective air-purifying filtration systems to reduce bacteria, dust, allergy-producing mites and pollen.

  7. A poorly maintained air conditioning system must work harder to provide the same air quality and temperature as a well-maintained unit, leading not only to higher energy costs but also to the risk of accelerated system malfunctions or failure.

  8. F-Gas is the term used to describe fluorinated greenhouse gases. UK law requires that all businesses that install, maintain or service stationary air conditioning and/or heat pumps must have an F-Gas Company Certificate.

  9. Precision air conditioning is one of the highest on-going priorities of any data centre facility or server room. Recently, Hotmail and Outlook were offline for some 16 hours following an unexpected temperature spike caused by a failed software update.

  10. Modern air conditioning is so unobtrusive and quiet that you hardly notice it’s there.

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